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AntarDhvani is a New Delhi based Hindi Rock / Fusion band. AntarDhvani has performed live at various prestigious platforms like Hansraj College, FORE School of Management, SRCC, Mocha (Fever off the Record), Turquoise Cottage, One Boulevard Cafe, Maple Town and Country Club, Gurgaon, TGIP and Sirifort (Dil Ki Awaaz), Gyanetra (Law faculty Cultural Festival, DU), Prayas for children (An NGO), Campus Law Center, University of Delhi and is one of the known and popular live bands in New Delhi.

All of us, at some point of time in our lives, have had the opportunity to connect with our inner souls. Be it those testing times or certain beautiful moments our inner voice resonates and tends to blend with the outside world. Such a feeling where the soul connects and converses with life per se is the inspiration to both the band and the bands name AntarDhvani.

AntarDhvani for us is a platform to reach to the masses to let them know a story in our own special way to help them to lead a stress-free life by enabling them to connect with themselves in a better way before preparing them to connect with the world. If nothing, at least make them tap their feet and bring a beautiful smile to not only their faces but to their inner souls as well.

AntarDhvani is committed to creating strikingly soothing music. It will strive to connect to the souls of anyone who is willing to pause and listen for a while. As we set our foot on this musical journey, AntarDhvanis motive will be to deliver par excellence.

AntarDhwani has also been featured on various TV, Radio, newspapers and magazines like NDTV India, Sahara, NDTV MetroNation, Sahara NCR, CNEB, Pragya TV, Living India, BIG FM, Radio ONE, Radio Mirchi, MetroNow, Mail Today, The Statesman, The Viewspaper and The New Global Indian.